Weald Preschool

Creating the Weald Pre-School website was an exercise in what we called ‘colourful-restraint’ web design. ‘Colourful’ hinting at the challenge of getting across the sense of learning and fun of the School; and ‘restraint’ suggesting the challenge of easy functionality. We were pleased with the result – low on gimmicks and high on usability.

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Main Points

And here it is. In web design we didn’t want to allow the clean lines and open feel of the website to compromise it’s sense of fun. So rounding off those sharp corners on the images and fonts echoes the client’s concern for safety in subtle and friendly way. Providing a splash of convivial colour lends the website a touch of warmth that we recognised was vital in dealing with the client’s target market.

Weald Pre-School web design

Crucial to the success of these pages is their ease of use. This is a case of ‘keep it simple, stupid’.

Got a map? Integrate it.

A photo gallery? Make it scrollable.

Need a contact form? You get the picture.

All these things are easy for developers to include, but it takes our touch and understanding to keep the usability drama to a minimum. No fuss, no problem.

Weald Pre-School web design
Weald Pre-School web design
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